Indoor Range:

Two 20 yard ranges, 6 lanes each.
$3 per half hour/ $5 per hour.

Outdoor Range

60 yards setup behind shop. 
10 yard markers. 
Targets for BH as well.
$3 per half hour/ $5 per hour.

AIS Video

AIS 300 target system brings realistic hunting scenerios with advanced tracking capability that senses the flight path of the arrow and instantly scores each hit by the shooters.
One to six shooters can participate in choice of types of animals targeted.
$8 for one half hour per one person to $10 per hour each for three to $6 per hour for 6.

3D Range:

A challenging illusional course of 28 targets set in hills and valleys meant to simulate hunting conditions.
Open April thru October. $10 per round. 
Must sign and pay waiver fee of $5 before going on course the first time. Course is then open to signees before, during and after regular business hours. Lock box set up.