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Video and 3D Leagues will be starting officially the week of January 9, but will be set up as two weeks to get first 3D in and 3 weeks to get first 2 Video in.

10 weeks for video league, 2 person teams. 3 weeks to get the first 2 in. Times from last year's shooters will be held until Jan 4. So let me know


3D League will go 10 weeks, throwing out 2 for low score or missing. If you shoot all 10, you keep your x's as points toward final score.


Adults $10, under 16 $5. All 3D is 20 yards and less, kids can shoot with adults.


In 2022 3D league we had 5 Mens, 3 Womens, 1 Trad, and 4 Kids Divisions. Video League had 4 divisions. Rules for equipment are no stabilizer over 12"(front or back), no scope lenses(peep glass okay, no arrows over 23/64. Points flush with shafts or outserts.


Call 608-526-2609 to set up times or message on FB.

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